Running Demo Applications

SQLstream s-Server ships with several demo applications. Each is designed to illustrate one or more particular aspects of the SQLstream system, its tools, or a type of streaming data application.

The demos are as follows:

  • Mochi. Simulates clusters of failed logins at a bank, either by phone or web, as well as withdrawals or debits using the same customer id number.
  • Hamachi. Streaming aggregations, windowed JOINs.

Source code, scripts, and other files needed for each demo are in the directory s-Server/demo/ in the SQLstream installation directory.

Sample Data

You can use datagen to generate sample data.

If you installed as root, there are two icons in the SQLstream desktop folder:

  • Stream CSV Bus Data
  • Stream JSON Bus Data

These stream sample data from buses in the Sydney area is flowing into a file located at /tmp/buses.log at 50 rows per second. This simulates a log file being continually updated.

There are also two scripts for streaming sample data in s-Server/demo/data:

  • The script streams sample data in CSV format.
  • The script streams sample data in JSON format.

These scripts stream data in the following categories: