View Latest Row Panels

The panels in the Latest Row category look only at the most recent row in the stream. Only one row’s data appears at a time. A dial, for example, will display the temperature reported at rowtime, but then change as soon as a new row becomes available. Most of these display all of the numerical columns in the stream. They will be most useful if these columns are meaningful measurements (as opposed to account numbers or other non-measurement numbers). Sometimes you may need to create a new view on a stream, in order to see only those numerical columns that are meaningful.

Bar Chart

A bar graph shows each numerical row as a bar. s-Dashboard displays each numerical column regardless of its range. Data will be most useful if columns are in comparable ranges.

As with other panels, you can set preferences for the bar graph panel by clicking the Preferences icon. This panel is built with Chart.js and is highly customizable. For example, this panel has a bar border width field that specifies the border width to use when drawing the bars. These properties can be a single value, such as 2, or a comma-separated list, like 2,3,2. Single values apply to all the data columns, while a list applies to each data column in turn. So if there are columns alpha, beta, gamma, and delta, and the bar border width is 2,3,2, the bar corresponding to the beta column would have a border width of 3 while the other bars would have a border width of 2.

This feature is most useful for properties that specify a color. You can specify a list of colors explicitly, such as red,green,blue, or rgba(255,0,0,1.0),rgba(0,255,0,1.0),rgba(0,0,255,1.0). You may also access the palettes provided by Rickshaw by entering a value like palette(colorwheel,1.0). colorwheel can be any of the Rickshaw palettes: classic9, colorwheel, cool, munin, spectrum14, spectrum2000, spectrum2001. 1.0 is the alpha value to apply to the colors.

If you enable Advanced Options, you can edit the options portion of the Chart.js spec as a JSON object. You can learn more about customizing panels with Chart.js by looking at the Chart.js* documentation at


The Dials panel displays each numerical column as a circular dial with an arrow (like a speedometer). Using Panel Preferences, you make a number of changes to the dial’s appearance, such as font size, face color, and panel background. You should experiment with Panel Preferences to get your desired effect. See Using Panel Preferences for more details.

Radar Chart

A radar chart shows multiple data points and the variation between them in a circular arrangement.

Like the Bar Chart panel, the Radar Chart panel is built with Chart.js and is highly customizable. For example, this panel has both Fill Cover* and Curve Color* field that specify the color of fill and curves in the chart. These fields can be filled in with a single color, such as “blue” or “rgba)0,0,255,1.0)” or “palate(classic9)”. Scheme may be classic9, colorwheel, cool, munin, spectrum14, spectrum2000, spectrum2001. As with the Bar Chart panel, you can customize a wide range of preferences by enabling Advanced Options.