The Hamachi Demo

The Hamachi demo is designed to show how you can use SQLstream to analyze Web visitor traffic over 3, 7, 15 and 30 day windows. To do so, the demo makes extensive use of views. The Hamachi demo is located in $SQLSTREAM_HOME/demo/hamachi. It consists of:

  1. hamachi.sql. This file is read by sqllineClient to create the schema.
  2. A datagen folder with scripts for generating input data: events.random.25k.set.xml and events.random.25k.set.xml, as well as datagen, an slink to datagen.
  3. A perl folder with two debugging scripts:
    • — retrieves
    • — wrapper for that sets CLASSPATH

Note: Perl integration with JDBC is supported using three CPAN modules: Inline, Inline::Java, and JDBC. You need to install these to get the Hamachi demo to work.

Running the Hamachi Demo

To run the Hamachi demo:

  1. Open sqllineClient in $SQLSTREAM_HOME/bin
  2. Enter !run ../demo/hamachi/hamachi.sql to create the Hamachi schema.
  3. Navigate to demo/hamachi/datagen and enter $../../../../clienttools/datagen/ events.random.25k.set.xml
  4. Open s-Studio.
  5. Select Schemas > Hamachi > Views.
  6. Right click on analytics_01x and choose Inspect.