Embedding SQLstream

Based on open standards such as JDBC, and extensible via user-defined transformations (UDXs) and functions (UDFs), Guavus SQLstream can be embedded into wide range of environments, from large scale, distributed cloud applications, to Linux boards and devices, and can run on systems with as little at two Intel atom CPU cores and 2GB of RAM. See the Installation Guide for more details. Guavus SQLstream also includes embeddable agents for intelligent data collection from remote sensors and equipment.


Embed the Guavus SQLstream Real-Time Data Processing Engine

Using the SQLstream JDBC Driver, you can interface s-Server with any application that supports JDBC, using SQL via the JDBC API. In doing so, you can write data to and query data from s-Server from other products, applications and solutions. You can also configure s-Server using JDBC and SQL.

Embeddable Agents for Reliable, Remote Data Collection

The Extensible Common Data (ECD) Agent is a lightweight Java object that can be embedded into any hardware, firmware or application that supports Java execution. You can place this agent anywhere that can access s-Server via JDBC. For example, you might embed this agent in an Internet of Things gateway for the collection and transmission of sensor data back to an embedded Guavus SQLstream server. You can use the ECD agent to filter and aggregate data at the site of collection, and it can read and write a range of formats.

Dynamic platform management

You can create and load modules for new processing requirements, SQL analytics and Java, C or Python UDXs and UDFs without interrupting execution or rebuilding existing applications. See the topic SQLstream Software Development Kit (SDK) and the topics Writing a User Defined Function (UDF) and Writing a User Defined Transform (UDX).