Returns the set of options relevant to a table created within a given foreign data server. The foreign data server must have already been created. You can pass in a partial set of options via the proposed_table_options cursor parameter, which must have two columns (OPTION_NAME and OPTION_VALUE, in that order). This allows for an incremental interaction, starting with specifying no options, then some, then more, stopping once user and wrapper are both satisfied.

The locale_name parameter can either be the name of the locale for which to return descriptions (such as ‘en_US’), or NULL to use the server’s default locale. The result set is not fully normalized, because some options support a list of choices (such as for a dropdown selection UI widget). optional_choice_ordinal -1 represents the “current” choice (either proposed by the user or chosen as default by the wrapper). Other choice ordinals starting from 0 represent possible choices (if known).


select * from table(SYS_BOOT.MGMT.BROWSE_TABLE(

Returns table:

Field Type
option_ordinal integer
option_description varchar(4096)
option_choice_ordinal int