StreamLab Galleries

The StreamApp Gallery is a collection of StreamApps based on real-world data. These both provide demonstrations of StreamLab’s functionality, and can also be used as starting templates for your projects.

Before working with any of them, you will need to start the associated data stream. If you are running Guavus SQLstream on Amazon Marketplace, Microsoft Azure, as a Virtual Machine Appliance, as a Docker container, or Virtual Hard Disk, you can start these from the Guavus SQLstream cover page. If you have installed on Linux, you will need to start these manually.

This version of StreamLab features three StreamApps, all of which use different sources.

IoT Weather

Process real-time environmental sensor data from around the world to create a visualization of the weather. This application uses Kafka messages as a source.

Meetup RSVP

This app uses real-time Meetup RSVP messages from Meetup’s public API, including locations and event ratings to compute analytics about event popularity and visualize the results. This application uses a WebSocket as a source.

Sydney Buses

This app processes real-time file system based telemetry data, such as latitude and longitude, driver id, bearing, speed, and so on from buses in the Sydney metropolitan area to create dashboards that show traffic patterns in terms of bus locations, speeds, and so on. This application uses the file system as a source.