Adding an s-Server Stream Source

A stream is a continually updating data object. It can have a number of sources, including a log file, a sensor, a network feed, a message bus, another database, and so on. A stream is like a table, but one that continually updates. The number of records in a stream can be infinite, as with a log file that is continually read as new data is logged.

A stream is a schema object that is a relation but which does not store data like as a finite relation (such as a table in a database). Instead, a stream implements a “publish-subscribe” protocol. It can be written to by multiple writers and read from by multiple readers.

Streams must be present in s-Server before you can add them as a StreamLab source.

To add an s-Server stream a StreamLab source:

  1. On the Sources page, drag a stream source from the left column into the center area.

  2. Click the new stream source. The Edit Stream Source page opens.

  3. By default, StreamLab uses the project schema for the new source. You can also select a schema from the pulldown menu on the left.

  4. Select a stream or streaming view from the pulldown menu on the right.

  5. Test the source by clicking the - Sample 5 Rows from Source button*.

  6. Click the Go Up arrow to exit the source.

  7. To parse the newly added source, - add a guide* using the newly added Line source.