Troubleshooting StreamLab

If you’re experiencing difficulty with StreamLab, we recommend trying the following steps:

  • Check the Last Run page for errors and re-execute scripts if necessary. If you’re in the Guide or on one of the Sources pages, click the Last Run button (top right corner in the Guide, to the right of the Sample 5 button on a Source page). Check the Last Run page for errors. In a Guide, you can also re-execute the current script from here (in a Source, press the Sample 5 button again).
  • Try submitting the entire project. StreamLab is submitting your SQL to s-Server incrementally, focusing on the page you’re currently on. Sometimes it helps to submit the entire project to sync things up: Goals & Scripts button > Entire Project > The project’s SQL script > Execute. Of course, check for errors when this is running too.
  • Check to make sure you don’t have other instances of StreamLab or dashboards open. If you’re getting errors about not being able to drop something because it’s in use, check to make sure you don’t have any dashboards or other instances of StreamLab open. Sometimes StreamLab itself can get out of sync and will be holding something open. A good tactic at this point is to save your project (click on the project title at the very top) and then refresh the web page.
  • Drop all connections to WebAgent. If you are still getting errors regarding things being open, the easiest way to drop all connections is to restart the WebAgent (by running a command like sudo service webagentd restart). Of course, if other people are accessing your instance of s-Server, they will lose connection, but if you are the only user, this is the quickest way to drop all connections.  
  • Make sure that WebAgent is running in -w mode. If you are running WebAgent as a service, it should run in -w mode by default.
  • Use color coding to identify possible SQL type conflicts. If you are getting other errors, they may be s-Server errors caused by the script you have built so far. Some problems are due to SQL types being wrong. Use the color coding in the header of the Guide’s output table to help identify possible conflicts. The border color for a column’s header cell indicates the data type StreamLab’s Scrutinizer sees in the data, while the background indicates the SQL type for the column. If a column’s border and background don’t match and you are using that column, there’s a good chance you need to perform a Basic>Cast operation on it first.
  • Try deleting operations from the script. Any other errors may be due to the steps you’ve added to the script. Try deleting operations until it works again. You only have to attend to errors shown in red in the Last Run log, StreamLab knows to ignore certain errors and shows those in gray.
  • Check s-Server’s error logs. If you are not getting any errors and data’s not flowing, even after re-executing the whole project, you may need to check s-Server’s error logs (/var/log/sqlstream/Trace.log.0). If there are errors there and you can’t fix them by modifying your script in StreamLab please contact support. StreamLab itself does not log errors to a trace log.